what’s in my bag, for realsies


Hey guys. It’s been a ages since I’ve shown you anything like this so I thought I’d get my act together and let you in on a little voyeurism! This is all stuff that I usually have in my bag, with no edits really besides the fact that I’ve taken my wallet out of the shot because it’s not interesting in the slightest. I would normally have my camera in there too but obviously I’m taking the picture with it, so I can’t take a picture OF it at the same time, that would be impossible, duh. Physics and shit.

I guess a lot of it is exactly what you would expect from me; Topshop carry-all, vegan sweets, sex toys. But I wanted to show you what else I’m loving at the moment, which are my new make-up essentials. Like you’ll have seen in my last haul, I only just got L’Oreal Infallible Foundation, but it’s already replaced my usual True Match. I haven’t road-tested it thoroughly yet, but at the moment it’s looking good and it’s staying in my handbag for the foreseeable future. On top of that I’ve been loving Collection Lasting Perfection concealer (all those Tanya Burr tutorials are to blame!) and Mac lipstick in Ruby Woo because my boyfriend loves it on me. For fringe-devotees like me some dry shampoo is always essential, and lately I’ve had the lovely cherry scented one from Batiste. Like lots of people I tend to carry around a spare change of pants with me (why don’t any bloggers include them in their posts too? Shy bitches) just in case I end up not going home. Unlike lots of people, I also carry around a lockable collar 24/7. Even though I don’t wear it constantly, I still like to have it with me; it’s kind of a security blanket in some ways, and reminds me of my boyfriend when I’m out in the world alone. I’ve also recently joined the Debenhams Beauty Club, so I’ve had that new card banging around in my bag. I’m thinking of the points already, and planning my next spree….all that Mac lipstick is calling me.


take my hand, and we'll go to the top of the mountain

IMG_2063IMG_1979_thumbThank you to everyone who commented on my last post, or sent me friendly tweets. They really helped over what were some of the most shitty days of my life. Things are looking better now – apologies are a magical thing. As are flowers. As is the heart’s capacity to forget, and choose happiness over despair or destruction. They say that things like this make you stronger; stronger as a person, as a couple. I guess the more you fight, and survive it, the less things you have to be afraid of breaking you up. There is always the temptation to draw back, in reaction to pain, to protect ourselves. We have to try and override our instinct to flinch away from the thing that hurts us – that ability is what makes us human. He says I am difficult to love, and maybe I am. But he’s no picnic either. And that’s okay – I’ve had easy things before, and they came and went like the seasons. We have seen an autumn, a winter, and a spring together. I cannot imagine this summer without him, and his difficult love.


this is a heart-break comfort haul


A  few days ago I was going through a bit of a rough patch with my boyfriend. Usually I spend every penny I have on going to Cardiff to spend time with him on his days off from work, but due to a succession of disappointments, loss of tempers and a subsequent bitter silence in which I cried and vomited (yes, it is possible to cry and vomit at the same time, isn’t life magical) in grief, I ended up having a lot of spare cash to cheer myself up with, seeing as I was, for all intents and purposes, single. I didn’t have a train ticket to buy, and no need to hoard my cash for date nights. I was free and alone and broken and rich for about 48 hours.

I had to go into town with my family during this time, and while I was there I wandered into Boots, claiming  to be looking for a new foundation (but deep down looking for a new face, a new life, a new heart), something pale enough to match my now helplessly anaemic skin. I found Infallible by L’Oreal in Porcelain, which I double checked in the sunlight and found it to match my skin very nicely. On top of that I bought a new concealer, Lasting Perfection by Collection, the one I’ve been hearing Tanya Burr rave about so much. I got a powder by Collection too, in Ivory, which was only £1.99 so I couldn’t really justify NOT buying it. I also picked up a matte pink lipstick by Kate Moss for Rimmel; I’ve never tried any of the Kate Moss stuff before now and to be honest I’m not greatly impressed. The pigment isn’t as dense as I was expecting, and even though it’s quite matte, it’s also really creamy, and I prefer my lipstick to stay put. I guess I’ve been spoiled by Mac formulas. Lastly, I got an angled foundation brush from E.l.f, my new favourite place to pick up make-up brushes. Oh, and magazines, of course. My mother, bless her soul, gave me the two Lavera creams; one for face and one for body.

After that hellish 48 hours or so, I was out blogging in one of the only places in town that provides free WiFi, and I got a call from my father saying that a bouquet of flowers had arrived for me and what should he do with them. I told him to leave them on the sofa and I would deal with them when I got home. I waited for him to hang up. ‘They’re nice flowers’, he said, ‘very nice’. ‘I’m sure they are’, I replied. When I got home I found a large concoction of roses and lilies sort of propped up on some cushions, my father having obviously been worried they would fall everywhere and be spoiled. While I was transferring them to a vase, a little note dropped out, which simply read ‘I’m Sorry’. For some reason I couldn’t help but imagine him saying that to the florist when the guy asked him if there was to be a message, and I smiled at the thought, just because it seems so odd that a stranger should know that he is sorry, but not know why. We are meeting up on Wednesday, to talk. At least I won’t have to worry about my make-up.


Bunny Cake Yankee Candle Review *

A few days ago I was contacted by a representative of the Scented Candle Shop, asking if I’d like to do a review of some of their products. As you guys know, I don’t work with brands very often, simply because I only want to share stuff with you that I really, truly love. But being a newly-converted Yankee Candle junkie, naturally this time I jumped at the chance! In the end I chose a Collector’s Edition fragrance for Easter, Bunny Cake, which has a deliciously sweet vanilla and citrus scent, and another in Strawberry Buttercream, which smells exactly as smooth and yummy as it sounds and is the perfect compliment to Bunny Cake’s light and girly aroma. I simply couldn’t resist the cuteness of these candles! The whole mix of cake and bunnies and cream and strawberries and Easter-time and the beautiful baby pink colour was just too good. I really hope they add Bunny Cake to the permanent range so I can get it again! I couldn’t be more delighted with my candles and would seriously recommend checking them out for yourself if you’re looking for a gift or a special treat for yourself.

I was a little bit worried about having such delicate glass items coming to me through the post, but the service from Scented Candle Shop was faultless; after I sent off my order, my candles arrived the very next day, in perfect condition and packed in about ten inches of bubble wrap and shock-absorbing material, in a box that had ‘FRAGILE’ written all over it, so I really shouldn’t have been worried about anything breaking. They now stand pride of place beside my bed for Easter, the cutesy-ist of all cutesy holidays.

Anyway, let me know what you think in the comments! Would you like to see more reviews on my blog? Have you ever used Yankee candles? What’s your all-time favourite scented candle?


I can read your dirty mind, like I know, like I know what you want

It has been a long time since I have posted new collages here. The other day I started thinking about it and realised I’d only posted one in the last six months. A lot of stuff has gone by without being immortalised somehow, and that’s not okay with me. The more I think about it the more I realise artists must be, by nature, exhibitionists. Blogging satisfies my exhibitionism, for sure.

In other news, I wrote an article about blondes in cinema for SCREENQUEENS, which you can find here. I’ll be contributing to Pop Culture Puke on the 5th of April as well, so please check that out if you can. I’ll be sharing it on Twitter and all that so keep your eye out! And finally, I’m doing a couple of photoshoots soon with the lovely Charlotte and Katie, and I’ll share those with you as soon as I can. Please do check out their blogs in the mean time. I honestly can’t wait to meet them both and get some amazing shots to show you. I think it’s going to be a very exciting month.



in the land of gods and monsters, I was an angel, looking to get fucked hard


Do you ever surprise yourself sometimes merely by liking something that, according to your definition of yourself, you just shouldn’t like?

I was out shopping with my boyfriend the other day, in the sun. He had come a long way to see me, only for one day, and he wanted to take me out and give me everything I wanted. I earn very little compared to him, and he is an incredibly strange man, in that he enjoys spending money on me so much it borders on the ridiculous. I watch female sales assistants as he carries pairs of shoes and arms full of clothes to the check out, and their response to his long-suffering-boyfriend banter is always the same. He likes to joke (even though everyone present knows this is not the case, and everyone knows everyone else knows as well) that I am a high-maintenance girlfriend. That I have him wrapped around my little finger. He makes some light-hearted remark, grinning from ear to ear, about how I’ll have cleaned him out completely by the end of the day. The sales assistant laughs good-naturedly, and says something along the lines of how I’ve landed on my feet with this guy. She looks at me in my jeans and Converse, smiling adoringly at him from behind my DIY fringe, and she laughs because she knows it is safe to laugh; that I am not that girl at all.

Anyway, while we were shopping I spotted a pair of shoes that you can see above. I don’t think I’ve so much as tried on a pair of pink shoes since I was about nine, and yet here I was, clapping my hands as I shimmied the most impractical, Barbie-esque, super-girly, plastic-fantastic shoes in the whole shop onto my size 5’s. I didn’t know whether I liked them ironically in a sort of young-feminist-movement-re-appropriates-a-gender-stereotype kind of way - like kawaii, Hello Kitty and the whole Cher Horowitz aesthetic have been reclaimed - OR whether I just straight-up liked them because they were pink and made me look like Barbie. Is there even a difference?

Part of me would like to think they are a sartorial choice. That I am referencing Courtney Love or early days Buffy The Vampire Slayer, before she found out she was the Chosen One. But I can’t say I’m certain.



help me make the most of freedom and of pleasure, nothing ever lasts forever


Sometimes I watch myself, as I lose control, and things slip through my fingers. Sometimes I say things I do not mean, as if I am reading them from a hidden script inside my jealous heart. Am I programmed to hurt people? To throw my own children from the walls? I give everything, until I have nothing left except a reason to leave.

I sing while I am suffering, and it feels better than happiness. It goes deeper inside me, and further out into the world, than any joy could ever reach. I feel parts of me come apart in the song. I break into pieces; tiny shards of consciousness and experience, transparent, like a diamond. If we didn’t break we would never see what was on the inside.

But he needs me to be whole. And I cannot lose him.